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Last January 8, 2017 we did what was our 4th wedding for the Makalintal Family.  Our first wedding with them was in 2005, and over the years when a sibling would get married, we were happy to be part of creating beautiful memories with them.

Rene  Makalintal & Princess Carla Rizo exchanged vows at St. Theresa of the Child Jesus in Lipa with their reception at Lipa Summit.



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Here’s the thing…. So many times I try to explain to couples.  You are only good as their plan.

It is a common problem among coordinators that they get clients with unrealistic expectations.

When you hire a wedding planner/coordinator for OTD (On The Day Coordination):  Remember- it is you, the Client that “Plans” the event. The Coordinator will only “Execute” your plan.

So as the Client, you are also the “Planner” .

The Wedding Planner/ Coordinator is not really the “Planner” of your wedding but will only “Execute” your plan. So let’s be blunt.  If your Plan sucks… so will your wedding!

If you want them to plan it, then get their package that allows them to participate in your planning process. But remember, ultimately it’s your wedding so the final decision belongs to you. Your  Wedding Planner can advise you until they turn blue. But if don’t take it, or pay attention… Hey, don’t blame them.

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For our 5th year Anniverasary, FL Events will be holding a FREE wedding planning seminar for couples. This is aimed to help couples get started in their plans, even discussing possible concepts they may want for their wedding.

This includes trying to make a budget and possible cost cutting measures depending on what they are willing to do. We want to bring some focus into your planning stage.  There are no strings attached to this seminar. We are simply grateful for the 5 years we have been blessed with.

Interested parties may call Dr. Lala Perez at (+63) 918-9021015 for arranging your schedule. We only take 3 couples at a time for the seminar so that we are focused on your needs practically on a one-on-one method.

Seminars will be held on the Month of August, on Saturdays. We hope to see you.


Bridal Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet

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